Dr. Edward Richtofen

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Edward RichtofenEdit

Dr.Edward Richtofen is a crazed nazi who's mind has been twisted and taken over by the death of his old proffecer and boss. He has an obsession for the torture and death of anything he can find, this mad man first appered in the zombie map Shi no numa and has been in three other maps. "The butcher" as he is also known as, had once worked at Der Riese with Docter Maxis and had carried out a numarous anmount of experiments under the inventions of Group 935 such as the telepoters, richtoffen's favorite weapon the Wonderwaffe DG-2 and the result of these the zombies. By the use of the rare radioactive substance element 115 (Ununpentium) the wonderwaffe and teleporters were created and people were sent through the nazi telepoters, yet all the times that they were sent through the reapped at the mainframe as zombies. The test subjects were tested by Maxis and could follow basic instructions but had all ways retaliated in trying to kill the scientists.

One time when an experiment was conducted on maxis' daughters dog fluffy the dog never came through to the mainframe, Richtofen opened the door with arragence as the fustrated doctor maxis wanted to chech the room and a hell hound emerged. When Samantha (Maxis' daugher) began the question her farther about her dog fluffy the sociopathic Rictofen locked them in with the hellhound and as they were teleported inside Richtofen stood behind the door laughing. This can all be heared through the radios in the zombie map Der Riese.

The Germans favorite weapons seem to be the Wonderwaffe DG-2, monkey bombs and the MP-40.

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