The extra addition to certain zombie maps are special devices and traps that make the game of zombies even more intence and entertaining. The Monkey Bomb is a clockwork timed stuffed monkey with decorations and symbols, oh and a timed bomb staped to It's back. It was most likely made by Richtofen as he seems to show alot of interest to it and in his biography it mentions that he has a collection of stuffed animals. However the presumed dead girl Samantha has possesed and crupted the Monkey Bomb as it was one her toy (as seen in kino der toten). The Monkey Bomb is obtained from the mystery box only in all maps accept ascension, and a player has three of them. They are thrown into any location and all zombies run to it like children yet somtimes they can be heared screaming My Toy ect. When on the ground it dances and plays a song until chanting a goodbye and blowing up, killing and injuring nearby zombies.

The Gersch Device is a machine in the new zombie map ascention. It acts as a black hole bomb and in ascention a radio log made by the Russian scientist Gersch talks about it being made. It sucks in the zombies around it and destroys them, but if a player were to jump into it they would randomly be teleported anywhere unlocked in the map. It looks like a purple vortex once activated and thrown to the floor. A player can get it from the mystery box and has three of them to use.